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Another needless unboxing

This fancy box arrived in the mail today:

Inside the fancy box was all this stuff:

And this is what it looks like when I took out the box and turned on what looks like a power switch:

It’s a very tiny network analyzer!

I know. I know! I said I would never buy another piece of cheap test equipment! There is no way a NanoVNA can compete with a traditional network analyzer. But it was so cheap, and so cute I could not resist. Anyway, all the cool Amateurs are using them so there is a pile of information on how to use it for what it does best. It’s not like I’m going to be using this in order to submit official test results to Industry Canada (er, I guess that’s “Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada” but what an unnecessary mouthful).

This is a teaching tool, in that I am going to use it to teach myself practical antenna system fundamentals.

Now, off to learn how to calibrate it and then see how bad my home-made loop antenna is.