The Clever Monkey

Ruby Tuesday

On Monday I had a meeting, and today (Tuesday) I blew the space-dust off of my copy off of the Pick-axe Book and, Crom save me, re-re-reinstalled Ruby On Rails on my lappy.

These two things are tangentially related, of course, and this will be discussed in a follow-up. But, since I’m in a mood to Learn All The Languages, I may as well refresh my L33t Ruby Skillz while I’m at it.

But (as Eloise would say), oh, my Lord, did the OS X 10.11 upgrade totally wreck everything to do with my RoR and Jekyll development setup! What a total and complete mess. This is even better than that time they updated the C++ compiler to Clang without warning in a point release. After an hour or so I have managed to successfully invoke rails new ... and get a working demo, and the Jekyll bundle that drives the local version of this blog is, once again, working. I’m sure I’ll find more as I go along.

I don’t even remember exactly what I did, but it involved much custom tweaking based on experimentation and reading StackOverflow articles. Be wary of anyone who says “all you have to do is …” regarding this! I might still have a weird problem where some of the “shimmed” rbenv executables overlap with the local copy of the Ruby Gem executables I have in ~/bin. It’s still very much a disaster, but a very slow-moving one.

I’ll have to sit down and sort out how to rationalize the stuff in .rbenv, .gemrc, and .gem at some point, I’m rawther sure.