The Clever Monkey

Beware the Food Blogger

Well, if there is anything a TRS-80 Model I emulator can’t do, it’s make a nice dinner.

Actually, taking a look at the old Model I software available on sharing sites, I suspect there are several menu and cookery applications. Convergence is a bit of a bitch, no? We’ve been trying to pull-start that engine for a few decades now.

Anyway, it was time to switch gears and put some of this great CSA farm food to better use. I’ve, sadly, let some of my hot peppers go soft and black, but my habañero is still good to go. So what to do with it?

Wings! Wings of the magical chicken! From the market!

So, yeah. I threw together a basic sweet and hot sauce using a blackened habeñero and garlic (loosely based on this recipe), which will be the basis for an experiment in sticky, super spicy wings for dad. Mom gets her fave butter-and-milder-sauce, and the kiddo gets her special “Tangy” sauce from her own cookbook. Everyone is happy!

Happy Labour Day Weekend, y’all. Stay spicy.