The Clever Monkey

Is This Thing On?

While researching hosting a CMS (again) for @CarmenNave I ran across a very smart article about ditching the CMS model altogether for small personal sites.

Like many coders, I was in love with building a solution based on their pet technology (in my case, I wanted an excuse to make a Linux [well, DD-WRT], Lua, Lighttpd, SQLite thingy) but I also knew that I wanted something lighter weight and easier to maintain.

Well, what could be more lightweight than letting GitHub host static pages underpinned by Jekyll and decent templating? When I looked at Jekyll the first time I liked it, but I didn’t want to go down the road of hosting it locally if I had to build a front-end (I’m afraid of Javascript!) that was necessary for non-git-command-line-using folks.

But simply adding the lightest front-end in the form of sealed the deal. Since my blog has been languishing on a dying OpenBSD/mini-ITX edge-box, and then moved (sort of) to Tumblr, why not give it a try and then use that as a model for Carmen?

So, yeah. I’m not done yet. I have to decided how much, if any, of the content from the old site I want to import. I obviously have to learn HTML5, Liquid, and CSS.

But, being able to add content via to a GitHub Pages site that auto-builds as necessary is a win, and that is why this site is live. I’m writing this via right now, and it is pretty slick.

So, lots is going to change, and even more is going to appear a little dead. But the plan at this stage is for this to be the new home of

Consider it part of a life in progress.