The Clever Monkey

Groovy Android Rocks the Gradle

Embedded Android development continues apace, and I’m currently head’s down on an App Widget that needs an XML parser and some sort of datastore, which is a pretty good learning experience. We also ended up swtiching to a full-on Android Studio, Gradle, and jCenter environment, which has side-stepped a fair amount of Eclipse cruft. It has also introduced some infrastructure churn which I’m hoping settles down shortly. So, I am most definitely an Android developer now.

This has given me the excuse I need to think about using Groovy at work, though, which is a bit if a win. We need a fair number of custom Gradle tasks, and I think the best way to do this is direct functional Groovy. If this morphs into a full-on Spock unit-test environment I will call the whole thing a gigantic, play-off, Premier League level win.

The challenge is that I sort of promised a working demo of the app this coming week. So, I have my work cut out for me, I think. I was sure of this schedule on Friday, but then all weekend I’ve been remembering little things that need to be sorted before we really ship, so now I’m hoping I haven’t over-promised.

So, the Groovy Spock will have to wait until I bang out a few hundred lines of Android Java, including a semaphore controlled background executor.

Good thing I’m a senior developer. It says so right on my job description!