The Clever Monkey

Oh no. Beta.

Well, the Retrocomputing StackExchange site I talked about earlier is now in open beta. So far, lots of chatter about old Apple and Commodore equipment, but nothing (yet) about truly old-school things like Altairs or KIM-1s.

I hope to remedy this in the near future.

Anyway, like many beta SE sites we are sorting out the scope of the subject we are going on about, which should be hours of popcorn fun.

It’s interesting to see how people define “retro”. There has been discussion about whether emulators, gaming consoles, or even coding (at all!) is on-topic. I’ve been surprised by some assumptions, because I cannot imagine retro-computing without emulators, coding emulators, and coding on actual retro systems.

Ironically, because of this sort of thing, it may turn out that my questions around emulating a KIM-1 with full RRIOT support may be deemed off-topic there. Which highlights both the great strengths and the great weaknesses of SE sites, in general.