Apparently, there was a WUMPUS v2.0 for the TRS-80 Model I.

Two Great Tastes

There is a very interesting article about Agile methodologies as labour unions over at West Space Journal. I’m still making my way through it (it isn’t particularly long, but I’ve been… distracted) but I wanted to get some ideas down while they are fresh in my mind.

Retro-computing, the Last Refuge of the Scoundrel

Because I can’t seem to get enough of 1980s high-technology, I’ve decided to attempt to resurrect a TRS-80 Model-100 I inherited years ago. Unfortunately, I made a classic rookie mistake by not properly putting it back together the last time I looked at it, so now I may have misplaced all the hardware that keeps it together.

Web Design is Hard

I keep tinkering with the layout and style of this site because I can’t quite get what I want. I messed around with a few Jekyll site generators, and stole some ideas from other GitHub Pages, but I couldn’t quite get what I wanted.

I learned a lot from poking about in other GitHub Pages, but at the end of the day many of these even simple sites do a little too much; or they do too much I don’t understand. Like many people, I needed to bring up my site from scratch so I grokked as much as I needed to.

Learning Python Like a Five Year Old

I’ve been putting off learning Python for a few years now. In some double irony, someone I met on an IRC channel dedicated to Perl is a big fan, and has been prodding me to learn it for nearly as many years.

Recently, though, someone got my 5-year old daughter a classic Spirograph toy for her birthday, and she loves it. It got me to thinking that programming a version of Spirograph might be a neat project, and that led to me to old-school Logo turtle graphics, which led me to an O’Reilly webcast based on the book Teach Your Kids to Code. All roads lead to O’Reilly, I suppose.

Thoughts on a KIM-1 Emulator

So, nobody has really made a fully binary compatible KIM-1 software emulator.

KIM Uno KIM-on-an-Arduino project is really cool, and highly accessible. It does 96% of what needs to be done, even without hardware. The MAME/MESS mess is an approximation, but it doesn’t do single-stepping, which is pretty much the best thing about the KIM-1. And it really doesn’t behave like a KIM-1. I even found an old Palm III emulator that is actually pretty close, but it does not pass the acid test.

Is This Thing On?

While researching hosting a CMS (again) for @CarmenNave I ran across a very smart article about ditching the CMS model altogether for small personal sites.

Like many coders, I was in love with building a solution based on their pet technology (in my case, I wanted an excuse to make a Linux [well, DD-WRT], Lua, Lighttpd, SQLite thingy) but I also knew that I wanted something lighter weight and easier to maintain.